Getting to know you

What foods do you love that most people hate?

Jean Poutine: Head cheese, anchovies, chicken feet, haggis, “runny” scrambled eggs, raw hamburger (yes, hamburger – not even steak tartare! Risky, I know, but when I’m mixing ground beef I like to sample it the way other people like to eat raw cookie dough).

King Crabby: Cabbage in all forms. Creamed corn (homemade).

What foods do you hate that most people love?

JP: Well there’s hardly any foods I outright hate or won’t eat. I’m not as gaga about lobster as most people seem to be – I get more excited about oysters or mussels. I don’t like tripe much but I’m not sure many people actually love it. And I don’t like candy that sticks to my teeth, like toffee or gumdrops.

KC: Canned fish (ewww), it all tastes the same. Shepherd’s pie, most casseroles, and beef stroganoff.

What foods are on your bucket list to make?

JP: Sausage, cassoulet, root beer (from scratch, not extract), whole pit-roasted pig, Spam musubi.

KC: Also sausage, the perfect loaf of bread, duck confit and ice cream.

What food or food experiences are on your bucket list to try?

JP: Ever since reading John Glassco’s wonderful Memoirs of Montparnasse I’ve wanted to become addicted to absinthe.

KC: Ever since I saw python at the Sobey’s downtown… I have wondered how chewy it would be. I also want to go to one of those restaurants where you eat in the dark.

If you owned a restaurant, what would it be called? What would you serve?

JP: I have a couple of ideas for restaurants. The first would be called BAD which stands for Breakfast All Day – which is what it would serve. Free range eggs, homemade sausages, pancakes with real maple syrup, two or three different muffins every day (not from Costco). Nothing else, just breakfast no matter what time of day. My second restaurant would be called Slow because the menu would be slow cooked food like stews, baked beans, hearty soups – stuff that simmers away on the stove all day. So that’s my restaurant empire: Bad and Slow.

KC: I would call it “Frogner’s Fine Foods” and it would be a deli with giant sandwiches and an excellent coffee bar.

What is your favourite food a family member makes?

JP: No one makes better perogies than my mom. Really. Except she doesn’t cook much anymore. She also used to make better wontons and hot & sour soup than you could find in any Chinese restaurant (she took three Chinese cooking courses and even made dim sum). My sister’s consort recently grilled some lamb that practically melted on my tongue – I couldn’t stop eating it.

KC: Growing up my mom sometimes made a Caesar salad with homemade dressing with cheddar cheese and mushrooms cooked in butter. I used to think it was really fancy when she would make it. Also my Granny used to make these cheese toasts made with rye bread and sharp cheddar…. yum!

Food items you make better than other people?

JP: Are you asking me to brag? Okay – pie crust.

KC: It’s not bragging if it’s the truth… carrot cake, cedar plank salmon, seafood in general and pickled beet salad.

Food items other people make better than you?

JP: I suck at anything you have to roll up like cabbage rolls or salad rolls or burritos.

KC: Deviled eggs, stuffing, chicken wings and probably lots of other stuff I just stopped making because I sucked at it.

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3 thoughts on “Getting to know you

  1. “I also want to go to one of those restaurants where you eat in the dark.”

    I’ve heard of music concerts in totally dark rooms, which makes sense, but wouldn’t eating in the dark make the food taste not as good, since “we eat first with our eyes”?

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