Breakie at Madison’s Grill

Hey JP, in honour of an old friend’s visit to Edmonton we decided to go out for a late breakfast. After thinking of the usual suspects, New York Bagel Cafe, Barb and Ernie’s or Culina Mill Creek we decided to try Madison’s Grill in the Union Bank Inn. It was awesome. The food was reasonably priced (for a fancier place. You know it’s fancy because they put a gooseberry in the fruit salad!), the service was amazing and the food tasted great. The only complaint is the item on the menu I wanted (Crab Cakes Benedict) was sold out. However I settled for West Coast Benny and it was delicious.

My friend had the cheese, chive and mushroom omelette. She was equally satisfied. I will return to Madison’s in the future.

Posted by King Crabby


One thought on “Breakie at Madison’s Grill

  1. Way better than my late brekkie which I will post soon.

    I just don’t get crab cakes. They sound good in theory, but when you order them at a restaurant they’re mostly filler – they should really be called “crab-flavoured cracker crumb and celery cakes”.

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