Lunch: crap burger

So KC, while you and your pal were enjoying eggs benny and fancy omelets yesterday, here’s what my buddy and I were having for lunch:

Burger, potato chips & ginger ale – $3.00 at a charity rummage sale. For some reason I can’t resist a charity barbecue (like when they have them outside grocery stores) even though I know they’re going to suck. Everything about this burger was miserable – tough, dried out meat patty, slice of processed cheese, tasteless white bun. And the only condiments were mustard and ketchup – no relish, no onions.

Rummage sale food isn’t always bad – I’ve had many happy eating experiences in church basements (and you can buy church lady baking for crazy cheap). Earlier in the day we were at Strathearn United for one of my favourite annual church rummage sales. The folks there have a lunchroom where they make delicious sandwiches on fresh, crusty kaiser buns (and add a few celery sticks on the side – a nice healthy touch), and smokies and eurodogs on crunchy torpedo rolls that you can have with fried onions. The heavenly (sorry) smell of onions frying hits you the moment you enter the church.

We also went to some garage sales. I got this cookbook for 3 bucks:

which may strike you as odd since I don’t have a barbecue. The first thing that attracted my attention was the picture of the author – I have that same pineapple print Hawaiian shirt. But what sold me was this photo:

I just love the Dagwoodian excess of it – especially the sausage and fried egg on top. Now that’s a burger!

Posted by Jean Poutine


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