JP, you should have come over to watch the Canucks games earlier in the week and all this could have been yours… or at least some of it.

After having a hankering for something ridiculously sweet all week and pouring over all the cookbooks I have, I reverted back to the King Crabby Family Poppycock. There is something about caramel and pecans I can not resist. You now know my one weakness. Use the knowledge wisely.

Since this is a family recipe I can’t share it, or am I supposed to do what other people do with their family recipes and pretend they will share the recipe and continually “forget” to bring a copy of the recipe whenever the friend who requested it is around. Which everyone know is false because any good family recipe you make all the time doesn’t even have a recipe – you either know it or you call you mom and she will tell you how to do it.

Anyway, the Canucks fans ate over half of my beloved poppycock in mere minutes. I then stashed the rest for me. Then out of fear some other people would come over and eat my poppycock I polished it off when I was watching TV the next day after work. I have been having sweet poppycock dreams ever since.

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