Sunday morning: Bakeries for breakfast

This is my new favourite bakery (124th Street and 107th Ave). I know it’s yours too, King Crabby. I could eat breakfast here several times a week (but I’d never be able to fit into my Hawaiian shirt collection).

Clean, bright and a little precious.

“One of everything please”

That’s what I love about you, Crabby – none of this “everything in moderation” bulls**t.

How much do you think it would cost to have one of everything? Do you think we could get a sponsor?

Cake Royalty: The Duchess

and The Duke


I thought it was was some kind of World War I treaty, or maybe a leg of the Orient Express, but I guess it’s a famous French pastry (and a bicycle race).

Lavender Madeleine

French macarons: The new cupcake?

Clockwise: rose, maple brulé, salted caramel, matcha

It’s not real until we’ve taken a picture.

And because nothing exceeds like excess, we went to Sweeties for “dessert”

Tucked away in a parking garage in Rice Howard Way (next to It’s All Greek To Me), it’s a bakery cafe specializing in Persian pastries.

We didn’t actually eat any more sweets, we just picked up stuff (like bread) for later. I don’t know what anything’s called (maybe someone can help me out), except for my favourite:

Bamiya. It’s like churros that are soaked in syrup (I just Googled it now and all I get is an okra dish).

This looks like Indian jelabi


Posted by Jean Poutine


2 thoughts on “Sunday morning: Bakeries for breakfast

  1. It looks like King Crabby was boiled a bit over the weekend.

    Also I am sure if we pool our money we could afford one of everything, well maybe the small versions of everything.

  2. Oh my god, oh my god, you are so taking me there next time I’m in Edmonton! I’ll put some money toward buying one of everything!

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