Vegas: buffets and beverages

Well JP, as you know, I was in Vegas last week to attend a cousin’s wedding. It was my first trip to Vegas and all I can say it it is the land of Bs: Buffets, Bars, Babes, Bargains, Beverages and Blisters. On arriving we ventured to a variety of drinking establishments including Frankie’s Tiki Room upon your recommendation. After a few rum drinks in tiki glasses and extra purchases for you, we headed to the Double Down. Apparently it is North America’s premiere punk bar. I know what you are thinking – that is not the usual King Crabby establishment, but they lured me there with the promise of a bacon martini.

I had two thoughts: This is going to be amazing, and This is going to be disgusting. Turns out it is disgusting. All I could think is it is a mixture of liquid smoke and vodka. For the first time ever I could not finish my drink. On the plus side, the boyfriend won $35 on the video blackjack.

Upon returning to the hotel (Paris) I was thirsty for water. Luckily I found the only bottled water in the Barry Manilow store. That’s right, he was playing nightly at our hotel (for 250 bucks!) and I could buy his $3 water. So I did.

Again, I should be a hand model. Well, I basically am one now, but it would be nice to be paid for all my hard work.

Later that night we ventured to our first of many buffets (they were so cheap). Mediocre at best, but I could not resist showing you a sample.

By far the best for me was all-you-can-eat maraschino cherries!!! Normally I feel a little embarrassed to eat so many, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…. until someone blogs about it.

I have to apologize for the crap pictures as I still could not figure out how to work my camera.

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One thought on “Vegas: buffets and beverages

  1. That is BS, Crabby – everyone knows a martini is GIN, not vodka! (it’s one of the few things I’m dogmatic about). Thanks for getting me the tiki mugs and the t-shirt and the swizzles and the menu and so on (no matches?), really appreciated.

    I’m confused about the water – wasn’t there any in your room? The tap kind, I mean.

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