Wine: The solution to all my problems

So JP, it would appear that a week in Vegas has lowered my tolerance for alcohol, or maybe it’s baking in the sun for eight hours that’s done it? After a day of volunteering – and with the boyfriend away at a conference – I thought I should have a glass of red wine. Then I thought I should have another, and a bit of another. After my indulgence I felt a little tipsy and thought I should seek out some eats. After making the long trek to Old Strathcona, I stopped at the first restaurant I found. It was Packrat Louie, or Crankpot Louie as someone once called it. I’m still not sure if they were talking about the pottery place or the restaurant. After ordering myself some more wine (I couldn’t help it, the wine there is so good), I was presented with the bread basket below.

The bread was soft on the inside and chewy on the outside. It came with an herb butter – oregano I think. Why is it all butters at nice restaurants have to have herbs in them? What is so wrong with butter tasting like butter? Nothing I say!

Then, because I heart crab cakes, I got the scallop and crab cake. It was on a fennel slaw and no there was not a lot of bread crumb filler. While I was waiting for my main I starting trying to fix my camera (which I have been trying for weeks to do) and wouldn’t you know it – me and four glasses of wine fixed the camera.

It is a little bright in this picture, but it is focused and I was drunk. Every time I go to Packrat Louie I get the same thing – the caramelized prawns. They are always on the menu but often have different sides throughout the year. This time it had carrots, beets, asparagus, broccoli and gorgonzola gnocchi. The gorgonzola was way too strong of a flavour for the caramelized prawns. I also managed to get the world’s toughest piece of asparagus. I thought at first it was my knife and cloudy mind, so I tried to eat it whole. That was a mistake as it felt like I was chewing on a rock. It was the only thing I left on the plate.

I did not have a dessert as I had to get on my way to your place for a nightcap and a bit of a snooze on your couch.

Posted by King Crabby


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