Breakfast: Bagel

Hey Crabby, let our friend Betty Cracker know that she should try the bagels at Treestone Bakery.

A few months ago she asked me where to find a good bagel in this town and I didn’t know what to tell her – short of setting the wayback machine to a time when the Mongolian Food Experience (!) used to make Montreal-style bagels in their wood-burning oven.

I had a mighty fine garlic bagel from Treestone for breakfast this morning with a little bit of goat cheese. I don’t know how many people like to eat garlic at breakfast, but I didn’t have anyone to kiss today so I was fine.

The only other choice was whole wheat, and I’m just not down with whole wheat bagels. I’d like to see a few more options – poppy seed or sesame would make me happy.

Posted by Jean Poutine


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