Well Jean, you know I love myself a good deal. Well what is a better deal than free? Nothing! In less than 24 hours I was gifted not one, but two free coffee mugs. One was real classy; it is part ceramic.

Then we had an event at work where there were fruit, cheese and dessert platters. Since summer is coming, for the first time in months the fruit tasted like fruit. Of course I went straight to the stinky cheese and chocolate mousse cups. That’s the good stuff in my books.

So much chocolate, so little time.

Notice the brie at the bottom middle (also the good stuff) and the stinky cheese at the top.

I used this as the palate cleanser between the cheese and chocolate.

Posted by King Crabby


2 thoughts on “Freeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  1. Yes, I know you love yourself a lot (that’s what it sounds like you’re saying in the first sentence. I only caught your real meaning on the second reading).

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