Hey Jean, guess who joined me for a coffee at Transcend? I told her she should contribute when she makes her baked treats.

I had the typical Cafe Latte.

I got the heart because they love me.

Friend got the London Fog. I tried to draw a heart in it so she did not feel bad, but it did not stay. I never thought to get a tea drink at a coffee house. I will try to remember that for next time, although we both know I will forget.

Since they opened up the new place on 109 Street, the old location off 99 Street has lots of places to sit. I know it is trendy to go to the new place, but I prefer the seats and quiet at the old place and the better parking.

Posted by King Crabby


2 thoughts on “Transcend

  1. It is only at every major coffee shop. Although because of some weird Starbuck’s trademark, they call it an Earl Grey Miso blah blah. It is steamed milk with vanilla syrup and an Earl Grey tea bag. It is very good. I recommend getting it with skim milk as I find it hard to drink a mug of sweetened 3%.

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