Wild Earth… Sigh

So JP, you know how I loved when Wild Earth moved into the neighbourhood a few years ago. Then when they announced they were expanding I was very happy because it was getting hard to find a seat. That was so long ago that I can’t remember when they started renovating. When I returned from vacation I saw that they had the new entrance open and I had to stop by to see the renovations. Then what to my wondering eyes should appear, but more renovations!

It was raining and I did not have my jacket so I didn’t want to take a bunch of nice pictures, but you can sort of see in the window the construction. Have you been in the new part? It’s really fancy compared to the old part. There’s a fireplace and everything. However, I’m sure by the time they reopen the old part there will be more seating, but it appears as though the new part has only as many seats as the old part. So of course all the seats were taken and of course there was a line up, so of course I had to take my lunch to go.

I asked for soup because it was cold and rainy and they sold me what they called “French onion soup”.

Now riddle me this Jean, if French onion soup is served without a nice piece of toasted bread and cheese, does it exist? I think they charged me four or five dollars for this broth. I had to buy my own cheese bread roll to compensate for the lack of topping on my soup.

I got hungry in the car ride and took a few bites out of it before I could get a picture of it.

Of course I topped it off with a chocolate treat. I like how they have the white and dark chocolate just like your Rice Krispie squares, but I wish they would be a little less lazy and make it in a crescent shape the way God intended.

Posted by King Crabby


3 thoughts on “Wild Earth… Sigh

  1. $5 for soup? Bah. I never eat soup when I go out. It costs 23¢ to make at home. It’s mostly water, for cripes sake. And onions are the cheapest vegetable there is. Yes, onion soup absolutely must have toasted bread and gooey cheese on top.

    No, I didn’t know Wild Earth opened the new part. I’m fickle – my head’s been turned by newer, flashier bakeries.

  2. I went today. I love the fireplace and the tree trunk furniture around it (I wonder if you can call ahead to reserve?). I’m not as crazy about the ornamental ironwork – too much like the horrid “Spanish” decor of the 60s.

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