Pho and photos

Okay Jean, I tried to take photos without the flash like you suggested, but all the photos I took without the flash were blurry and yellow. I will show you tomorrow when we are on our field trip. Now to what I think is important – food!

Since the weather today was cold, wet and blah, I had to make some soup. A few years ago I bought a cooking magazine at the grocery store. It was from Better Homes and Gardens and it was all soup recipes. Like most cooking magazines I thought I would read it, try one recipe and put it to rest in the bookcase, but I tried one recipe and loved it, and tried another and loved it. It has now become one of my go-to cookbooks for soups. Today I made what they call “Pho”, but of course like most recipes of Asian food in western cookbooks it is only kind of like the real thing.

I really like the recipe because most of the ingredients flavour both the meat and the broth, so there are minimal ingredients.

Here is where the recipe really strays from Pho: Instead of thin strips of meat, the recipe instructs you to make the tastiest meatballs around. Added to ground pork is ginger, cilantro, green onions, garlic, soy sauce and garlic chili sauce.

The recipe is really quick if you have a non-stick frying pan large enough for all the meatballs. We do not, as the boyfriend thinks it is unhealthy to have non-stick cookware, so I had to cook them in three batches.

After the meatballs were finished browning I added them to the broth. While they were cooking I sliced up a bunch of vegetables. You put whatever vegetables you want in the soup in the bottom of your bowl then pour the hot broth over the vegetables. By the time you get the bowls to the table, the vegetables will have softened. The thing I like is I can use any vegetables I have left over in the fridge and everyone gets to pick what they want to have in the soup (sort of like burritos – but Asian soup).

You can tell by the steam it is nice and hot. I know this one is a winner because the boyfriend said at least five times throughout the meal how much he loved the soup.

Also, I am now coming over at noon tomorrow, not 12:30.

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6 thoughts on “Pho and photos

  1. I will bring a copy into work next week. Thanks for the info on the ceramic coat pans TS. I will look for one next time I am in a cooking store. We don’t need to use non-stick very often, but the meatballs were very fragile and I knew they would fall apart in our regular pan. I have also used wontons instead of the meatballs.

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