Dutch Treats

So, King Crabby, how is it that we went to Dutch Treats & Farm Fresh Meats yesterday – a place that specializes in locally raised meat, organic eggs and poulty and so on…

and only ended up taking pictures of candy?

Sweet (or salty), delectable, bizarre Dutch candy in bulk – Engelse drop, muntdrop, zwart wit, kattekoppen, hopjes, spekken, cola rola balls, tikkels  mint, biggetjes

Look at all the little piggies

This brought back fond memories for me: natural licorice root – for those who prefer their sweets to look and taste like a tree branch. In all the excitement I forgot to buy cheese.

We didn’t just buy candy. You got some smoked salmon, beef jerky and pepperoni and we both picked up a ring of rookworst (smoked sausage), but somehow all I have is pictures of candy, candy, candy…

Posted by Jean Poutine


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