Hot and Sour

You’re fired, KC. I have a new hand model:

My mom. Here she is slicing shiitake mushrooms for the hot and sour soup we made last night. As I mentioned in our very first post, she learned to make Chinese food, including hot and sour soup that was better than any you could get in a restaurant.


We used to have it all the time but she hasn’t made it in years. Writing about it had me jonesing for it.

bamboo shoots

We couldn’t find the recipe she used to make so we used the Time-Life Chinese cookbook instead (the little coil bound ones you see in every thrift store).

barbecued pork

The soup was neither as hot nor as sour as she used to make it, but still mighty tasty. I want to make it again.

We also had a barbecued duck (from the store) and Chinese greens stir-fried with garlic.

And almond float (lychees, mandarin orange sections, almond-flavoured gelatin) to finish – another Chinese dish we used to have all the time.

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