Supper: Rodeo Burgers

On Saturday night I picked up a burger to go at the new Rodeo Burgers on the U of A campus. Much has been written about it by other local bloggers (check the links to the right), so I won’t bother, except to say that I disagree with those who found the patty to be on the skimpy side. I guess it’s because I think of burgers (hot dogs too) as beef-flavoured excuses to pig out on toppings and condiments.

I loved the Western burger: rodeo sauce (whatever that is), southwest sauce (ditto), sautéed mushrooms, bacon, guacamole, green chilies, caramelized onions, real cheese (optional)… topping heaven.

Totally satisfying, and the perfect chow for the dvd of the evening – Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch (deluxe 2-disc edition).

Posted by Jean Poutine


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