Princess of Tarts?

JP, have you ever had a tart by the Queen of Tarts? If not you need to go to the downtown farmer’s market this weekend and get yourself one. Their lemon tarts are one of the best desserts I have ever had. A few years ago we had some friends and their parents over for dinner and had one of the lemon tarts. Their mom claimed she had a recipe very similar to the Queen’s recipe. She sent it to me and despite good intentions, I never tried making the recipe until tonight.

I combined lemon juice, butter, sugar, eggs and lemon zest in a bowl.

Then made a makeshift double boiler.

The recipe warned it would take a while for the curd to cook and they weren’t kidding.

It took about 10 minutes for it to start to set up. For a while I thought I had made a mistake with the recipe.

Finally it set up. I put that spoon in my mouth after this photo and it was rich, smooth and tart.

I did not trust my lemon curd making skills so I made the crust after I knew the curd was successful. The only ingredients in the crust are flour, butter and icing sugar.

Perfectly golden brown!

The curd filled the shell perfectly. Although after looking at this for a while, I decided it was missing something.

So I robbed some rhubarb from someone’s garden.

I  cooked the bounty with some sugar.

Then I topped the tart with the rhubarb. I’m not saying it will be close to being as good as the Queen of Tarts, but it is a darn fine start. We didn’t eat it tonight. We will bring it over tomorrow for an official taste test.

Posted by King Crabby


One thought on “Princess of Tarts?

  1. Thieving hobo!

    Guess what, I’m making a dessert for tomorrow right at this moment. It also has rhubarb. Bring yours over anyway and we’ll have a dessert orgy.

    I used to like the lemon tarts from the French bakery on Whyte Ave. near 99th Street (forget what it was called – it went out of business).

    Your kitchen sure is dark. Do you live in a cave? 😛

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