Winter Apple Cider

So Jean, I got up this morning and ran a 10k for charity. What did you do? I also went to the Blue Plate for breakfast afterward but I forgot my camera. I got a (weak) cup of coffee and a bacon breakfast burrito. I seem to have a thing for Tex-Mex breakfast offerings. Whenever I see salsa, guacamole, black beans or tortillas on a breakfast menu I have to order that item. The only thing that trumps Tex-Mex at breakfast is crab cakes.

Anyway, after a dinner of leftovers I was in need of some medicine for my aches and pains. I decided on a glass of Merridale’s Winter Apple Cider. Boyfriend is the arm model in this photo. He has nothing on your mom.

Merridale is a cidery on Vancouver Island by my parent’s house. It’s a little known fact that the cidery originally planted the wrong apple trees for making cider. They replaced all the trees and sold the old ones to locals. My parents bought some for $1 each. What a steal – I spent $5 on a tomato plant today. They still have the trees, and the apples make mighty fine applesauce.

It used to be a really small cidery that sold most of their ciders in 2 litre plastic bottles. Now they are all fancy pants. They have a bistro, spa, tasting room and glass bottles. My favourite product of theirs is the Winter Apple Cider. It costs about $25 for a 375 ml bottle. It tastes like brown sugar and apples and booze, three of my favourite things.

Every time we go back to the coast we bring back two bottles in our suitcase. I’m always scared they’re going to break in the suitcase and I’m going to have to wait six more months before I can get some more. Boyfriend and I meant to have one glass, but…

we polished it off. That was our last bottle and we’re not going back to the coast until August. Oops. Next time we will have to ration better.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Apple Cider

  1. This morning I finished my novel, swam 50 laps and built a chicken coop for the orphans. Either that or stayed in bed until noon.

    Is that the stuff you brought over once? It was like apple pie in a glass. Boozy, boozy apple pie.

  2. I absolutely love the Winter Apple from Merridale. My husband and I found it when we were living on the island a couple of years ago. So amazing. We are saving our last bottle for a special occasion. 🙂

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