Lunch: Lighthouse Café

I love the little lighthouse on 104th Street – so very far from the sea.

I wanted to live in a lighthouse when I was a kid (I think I still do).

I’m kind of disappointed the Billingsgate Lighthouse Café isn’t a real lighthouse.

And frankly, I always find the food a little disappointing too.

Not that it’s bad – far from it. It just always falls a little short.

The Boston clam chowder I had for lunch should have had lots of flavor – there was plenty of smoked bacon in it and nice plump clams that weren’t from a can (as you’d expect from a restaurant attached to a fish market). But it was kind of dull. The vegetables – carrot, potatoes, celery – were all similar in size and texture which made eating the giant meal-size bowl ($11.95) rather monotonous.

Wish I’d done like our friend S. and had the halibut burger with a regular size bowl of soup ($12.95).

I’m pretty sure I can make better chowder. I’m going to look at recipes and cherry-pick all the bits I like. I’ll wait until there’s lots of fresh veg at the markets, like peas and new potatoes, and make it nice and chunky. And I’m going to use whole clams with the shells. You’re invited to come over for the cooking and the eating, KC.

Posted by Jean Poutine


2 thoughts on “Lunch: Lighthouse Café

  1. I am sure you could make better chowder, too – so sad that this “institution” has gone so downhill. It could really be a very special little spot in our fair city!

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