Table Scraps

A little meat, mostly filler…

  • I finally tried Transcend in the Garneau Theatre building, KC. Had the best cappuccino ever (yes, with a heart on – they love me too). Happy day! They have Dry sodas. I’ve been missing these since they stopped carrying them at Sobey’s on campus. And I’ve long been wanting to try the Juniper flavour. So good – like gin for teetotalers.
  • Thanks to Only Here For The Food for the shout out. At last we’re not just talking to each other, KC.
  • Hey KC, you have duck confit on your “bucket list” of foods to make and I have cassoulet on mine. Since duck confit is one of the ingredients in cassoulet,  we should get together and kill two birds with one stone (so to speak). Maybe one cold, snowy day this summer?
  • Did you see Iron Chef America on the weekend? Battle Melon. The challenger made an avocado/honeydew milkshake – reminded me of my favourite bubble tea at Nhon Hoa on Whyte Avenue (they call it Exotic Jungle Cooler). Like Jeffrey Steingarten, I didn’t think the combo would work, but it really does.
  • Dropped in to Café Beirut (10812 Whyte Avenue) on Wednesday night. It was their first day of business and much busier than they were expecting. They’d run out of some things, but luckily not felafel. A very satisfying felafel it was, though not as spicy as I’d like (they rarely are). There are several Lebanese dishes on the menu I haven’t seen before – we need to check it out.
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One thought on “Table Scraps

  1. I was at Transcend just today and had their Lavender Dry Soda. Heavenly. And I had Lavender Shortbread at Duchess Bakery yesterday. Sublime. Now I just need to have them together and a choir of Lavender Angels will sing.

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