Tastes Like Summer

I’m talkin’ ice cream.

Devonian Botanic Gardens

We laughed about Maple Walnut being “old people” ice cream.

What kid would choose choose it when there’s Tiger or Rainbow – or the mysterious Wet Paint? Maple Walnut sounds like expensive furniture that’s built to last generations.

I see that MacKay’s Cochrane Ice Cream is available at the newly opened cafe in the Old Strathcona Antique Mall (you can also buy it at Sunterra).

Old Strathcona Antique Mall

It’s extra yummy because it’s extra fatty – made with  17% butterfat, versus 10% to 12% in most commercial ice cream.

According to MacKay’s website, their top flavour is… Maple Walnut.

MacKay’s Ice Cream, Cochrane, Alberta, May 2001

What’s your favourite ice cream (or gelato), Crabby? Right now, mine is the Mayan chocolate (with cinnamon & chili seeds) at Da Capo. I usually pair it with a scoop of something bland like Ricotta to cut the heat.

Posted by Jean Poutine


4 thoughts on “Tastes Like Summer

  1. I am an old soul. My favourite flavour of ice cream is Maple Walnut or Cherry Custard. I fully agree with your top gelato choice. Also, did you go to the antique mall for ice cream without me? How dare you? Are we still on for the farmers market tomorrow morning? I have to be there at 9am and back by 10:30am.

  2. I make my own – and I love raspberry right now – and cassis in France – and chocolate sometimes, and vanilla others… and wild strawberry in Italy… and – ice cream is my favourite food.

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