Dinner at Hardware Grill: Gluttony at its finest

Did I tell you my uncle had his 60th birthday last month at Cafe Brio in Victoria? Boyfriend and I couldn’t go because we had already bought our tickets to Vegas. Since he is the best uncle in the world, he sent us some money to go out in honour of his birthday. On Friday night we decided to honour him with an evening at the Hardware Grill.

We started with the charcuterie plate. I can’t remember any of the meats, but they were all good. One had the most wonderful soft smoke flavour. Boyfriend and I often buy meats from the Italian Centre to serve when guests come over. I usually serve them with cheese and crackers. Hardware Grill brought us a plate of pickled vegetables and it was a delicious combination. Next time you come over I’ll make a platter for you to sample. It also came with a pork rillette. I want to add that to the list of things to make before I die.

On a side note, I felt a little weird taking photos of my food in such a nice restaurant. It reminded me of the time a friend took a first class flight to England and got to sleep in one of those fancy pods. He only took a couple photos of the pod. When I asked why he didn’t take more, he told me no one else was taking photos and he felt weird about it.

I had a few glasses of wine and it turns out wine is not only the solution, but also the cause of many of my problems. I could not get a clear picture of my Blue Crab Cakes. I told you earlier I could not resist crab cakes on a menu. Behold the blurry picture:

Then I had Bacon Wrapped Elk and Braised Short Ribs.

We had “small endings” for dessert. When I first went to Hardware Grill years ago I ordered this and it was a perfect end to my meal. It was a small plate with several miniature desserts. Now it’s a large plate with many full desserts.

By time we finished we almost fell asleep at our table. When we got home we fell instantly into a deep food coma.

Overall, I think it was a fine tribute to an outstanding uncle. Happy 60th, Uncle M.

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3 thoughts on “Dinner at Hardware Grill: Gluttony at its finest

  1. It’s a compliment to the chef if you take photos – and free publicity if you are writing that you like it… as long as you don’t use a flash – and ask first, I don’t see any problem with it. It might even spoil my meal if I was told ‘no”. I enjoy capturing my moments so much now.
    Hardware Grill is stellar. Too much food, though. I want to go and eat at the Chef’s Table next time.

  2. I try to be very discreet about picture taking and sometimes I “shy out” and don’t take pictures when I’d like to. It’s easier when I’m with someone (even you), so that it’s about taking a picture of my friend, not someone’s store or restaurant. I think a lot of places are hip to blogs now and know that cameras = free publicity. I’ve hardly ever been hassled; once at Save-On when I was taking pictures of smokies to show some American friends (they don’t have ’em in the States), but that’s just corporate paranoia, and just recently at a bakery – older woman, probably not blog savvy.

    Yes, the blurry pics are sucking. Bring your camera over (and the manual, if you have it) and I’ll have another look to see if it’s a setting thing.

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