Sweet, sweet waffles

I had a bit of a crap day today, Jean. It all started with the parking machine at an Impark lot downtown not working and went downhill from there. Just when I was about to write the day off I smelled… waffles. I looked up and I had stumbled on Eva Sweet Waffles. I saw street food mentioned on Eat My Words a week or two ago, but since I don’t usually work downtown I never thought I would have the chance to try one. Even though I just finished lunch, I could not resist. I got a vanilla waffle (they also have cinnamon and maple) with whipped cream and caramel sauce. Yes, it was as sweet as it sounds. They are Liege waffles made with a pearl-like sugar. As I waited for my waffle, I had a great conversation with the vendor who showed me a photo of his waffle car in Belgium. If you watch Throwdown With Bobby Flay, he had a throwdown with a Liege waffle street vendor. Bobby lost. I think Bobby would lose to Eva Sweet.

Posted by King Crabby


2 thoughts on “Sweet, sweet waffles

  1. We’ve discussed the shortcomings of “Throwdown” before. First – how disappointing for the guest who thinks they’re getting their own Food Network special, only to find out they’re on someone else’s show and they have to compete with him. Second – how embarrassing if you lose to BF (it’s rare, but it happens) when you’ve spent your entire career perfecting your craft and it’s something he’s just crammed for.

    In other news: Waffles – yum!

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