Alberta Mycological Society has a new member

When I was growing up on the west coast my dad worked in the woods. Yes Jean, the woods. He worked for a logging company as a falling and bucking foreman. Several times throughout the year he would bring home bounty he found in the woods. My two favourites were blackberries and chanterelle mushrooms. Imagine my surprise when I grew up, moved out and had to buy my own groceries. Blackberries and chanterelles are so expensive. In an effort to learn what mushrooms are edible in Alberta I joined the Mycological Society. I went to my first meeting on Wednesday. We met at Whitemud Ravine and 23rd Avenue for a mushroom walk. We spent two hours walking through the ravine looking for mushrooms. We were to pick all the mushrooms we found and meet to identify them. Or at least try to identify them. I found:

We could not determine if any of them were edible because most of the people there were beginners like me. I am going to buy a mushroom guidebook so I can study up on the edible ones. One of the ladies at the meeting had picked 15 pounds of morels the weekend before. You can come to some of the meetings for free if you want, just let me know and we can carpool. This time next year I predict I will be rich in mushrooms.

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4 thoughts on “Alberta Mycological Society has a new member

  1. Isn’t there someone leading these walks that knows mushrooms? There usually is, I thought. Out SlowFood Convivium Leader, Thea Moss, is also a member and has become very good at identifying many of the local varieties.

    • There was a leader that night, but he was new. The regulars leaders could not make it. Therefore we had more trouble identifying the mushrooms. See you tonight.

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