Strathcona Staycation

Hi Crabby, I’m on staycation (yes, I too am surprised that it has its own Wikipedia entry). Wish you were here.

I took an afternoon stroll around the ‘hood today to shop and enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts. I left the house without my camera which guaranteed I’d see all kinds of photo-worthy sights. In lieu of the pics I would have taken, I’ve attempted to draw what I saw. Too bad I’m the world’s worst draw-er.

Here’s a staycation tip: Try to get to the Old Strathcona Farmers Market before two o’clock. It’s a lot less crowded then but that’s because most of the good stuff is gone. I bought some green beans, blackberries and ground bison to make meatballs to have with spaghetti.


Outside the market, I stopped to smell the kettle corn and the fat franks at Fat Franks. I considered having one of their smokies for lunch (which was also breakfast) but decided I wanted a sit-down meal instead.

I returned DVDs at the library and got some new ones, then walked to Whyte Avenue. I popped into Chapters and thumbed through a copy of Fine Cooking magazine, the one you alerted me to last night. It has an article called Tiki Time about the history of “tropical” cocktails, with some recipes. I decided the four-page spread wasn’t worth the $8 price tag. If you’re seriously interested in Tiki drinks, this is the book to have.

Across the street I could see the guy with the bicycle decorated like a parade float (I’m sure you’ve seen him) in the parking lot of the Tim Horton’s where all the bikers hang out. I really have to get a photo of him someday ‘cuz he’s way hard to draw…

so here’s a Timbit instead.

I headed west along Whyte with the idea of finding suitable lunch grub. I remembered Da-De-O, which I love but haven’t been to in a long time.

I ordered a blackened catfish po’ boy sandwich with sweet potato fries. It was so good it made me wonder why I stopped coming here. I used to go just about every week for their po’ boy special (they still have it on Mondays and Tuesdays). I think I may start that ritual again. I see they also have poutine made with sweet potato fries – mmmm.

Heading home, I stopped in at the K & K Foodliner, my favourite little neighbourhood grocery store, because I forgot to get eggs at the market.

checkin’ out the German DVDs at the K & K

I also picked up some of their wonderful bacon which they butcher and smoke in-store.

Then I went home and now I’m waiting for those ugly storm clouds in the northwest to roll in.

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8 thoughts on “Strathcona Staycation

  1. I like staycations myself and love the illustrations. They are awesome!

    I had to laugh at the Heino reference. My hubby is german/austrian and he’s told about the legendary Heino. haha.

  2. I missed this post somehow and just read it now. Your drawings are fabulous! I think it is so great when people who we think we know still manage to surprise us. Hidden talent, my dear man, and I’m not kidding.
    Truly Scrumptious

  3. Your drawings are most excellent except for the blackberries. They need to be darker. I thought they were blueberries. I also have heard the term ‘mancation’ but I am not sure what it means and am much too lazy to look it up on the internet. I am sure it has a wiki description. Everything has a wiki description.

    • You didn’t like my blackberries? You come across as snotty and arrogant. I absolutely despise your pretension that you are “an art critic” or a “berry expert.” I am not smitten with you or your icky Boyfriend. I wonder if you know that your stuck-up self-important little comment has cut me deep to my sensitive artistic soul? Do me a favour, lady. Write about campfire fudge and mushroom hunting safaris and take your artistic pronouncements elsewhere (and come over tomorrow night to make jelly with me).

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