To market, to market

Hope you’re having a great vacation, Crabby. Missing you and our weekly trip to the Old Strathcona market.

Yesterday Truly Scrumptious and I went to the downtown market instead. We took the High Level Bridge streetcar from the south side. The one operating this day was Melbourne tram #930 that was in service in Melbourne, Australia from 1947 to 1997.

The volunteer conductor gave us a brief history of the tram and Edmonton streetcar history (which you can read about on the Edmonton Radial Railway Society‘s very handsome website).

Crossing the High Level Bridge

to the northern terminus at 109th Street south of Jasper Ave. It was shortly before noon and we were both very hungry, so our first stop was the Blue Plate Diner.

I liked the art they had on the walls. We were seated next to one of several portraits of dogs by Dana Holst. The flying baby painting in the background – by an artist with a difficult name I didn’t take down – was also pretty great.

TS had the maple-glazed cornbread with a bowl of fresh fruit.

I had the special, which was a savory basil cheesecake. I thought the plate looked a little unappetizing when it arrived, but it tasted so much better than it looks. It’s an unbaked cheesecake made with mascarpone (and blue cheese too, I think) with a breadcrumb crust. And lots of fragrant fresh basil. So rich, so creamy, so basilicious. Those aren’t blobs of whipped cream at the top of the plate – they’re my poached eggs. There’s also a couple of sausages hiding behind the fruit cup.

Hunger quelled, we hit the market. These berries looked fabulous (glad I remembered to bring my camera this week).

We chatted with Jo, who was shelling peas at the Slow Food Edmonton tent, and I introduced myself to Sharon of Only Here For The Food who was also hanging out.

These handmade monsters by Belua Designs are awesome.

Especially this mutant sock monkey.

I bought some tomatoes, TS failed in her quest to find a sunhat with a brim. It was a glorious summer day with perfect weather.

We got back on the streetcar and went home.

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7 thoughts on “To market, to market

  1. I actually pointed you out to Sarah, and thought…Where do we know that gentleman from. It wasn’t until you were well past that we realized it was from here (and when we met at Valerie’s). Sorry I didn’t say hi!

    We also must have just missed each other at the Blue Plate.

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