Bacchus in the oat field

The Man With Whom I Keep Company and I made a trip to Onoway and environs to visit with Friend TMB. After a delicious supper which I neglected to photograph (I am new to this food blog correspondent business), we decided to take an agricultural stroll with a bottle of wine and a couple of wine glasses.

TMWWIKC and Friend TMB went on ahead to scout out an appropriate wine tasting venue while I snapped some shots of the oat field.

Note the dragonfly hovering under TMWWIKC’s arm.

The Bacchus Scouts located a lovely wine boulder.

The wine was a California Cabernet Sauvignon from Blackstone Winery. It provided depth, concentration and structure to our oat field junket. The Blackstone Summer 2010 Feast has some pretty darn good lookin’ recipes that could make for excellent en plein oat field dining.

Friend TMB, the loquacious sommelier.

Red wine in the sunset.

Yours truly, Truly Scrumptious.

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2 thoughts on “Bacchus in the oat field

  1. So, now there is a truly scrumptious NUT? Cool! Lovely day and lovely field – but what is the Blackstone Summer 2010 Feast and where are some of the darn good lookin’ recipes that could make for excellent en plein oat field dining?
    You are such a tease!

  2. Sorry, the link didn’t work because of drinking laws or something. If you are of drinking age, click on the Blackstone Winery link in my post, enter your date of birth, and click Submit. The recipe page should come up. If it doesn’t, click on Seasonal Feast on the Home page. Enjoy the adult recipes!
    Truly Scrumptious

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