Food at the Fringe 1

Saturday. I’m Not a big fan of Fringe food, not even the mini donuts that most go gaga for. The highlight for me is having some churros at the Churros King stand and asking when they’re going to have another restaurant. I really miss their place on Whyte Avenue since it closed a few years ago. I celebrated at least one birthday there and it was there I tasted Pisco for the first time.

Today for lunch I was torn between trying the Indian fare at Zaika and the wood fired pizza from Rustixx at the booth next door. I think this is Zaika’s first year at the fringe. I’ve been to their restaurant in deepest South Edmonton once for their lunch buffet and was impressed by the food and decor.

But today pizza won out.

Rustixx makes their pizzas in a wood fired brick oven (on wheels). The intense heat (900 degrees F, they claim) means the thin-crust pizza is ready in about 90 seconds.

They’re offering nine varieties including four cheese, pepperoni, BBQ chicken, hawaiian, pesto chicken, california veggie, meat lovers and “the works”.

I tried the BBQ chicken ($13), which had chunks of roasted chicken, an outstanding sweet barbecue sauce, cheddar and jack cheese, red onion and cilantro. They also provide crushed chilis, grated parmesan (not the Kraft sawdust kind) and pepper in a peppermill for you to sprinkle on top.

The pizza was wonderful – the toppings fresh, the crust bubbly and slightly charred around the edge, but soft enough to fold for easy eating.

I give it 9 stars out of 11 (my rating system goes to 11).

I’ll be trying Zaika and Churros King and maybe a few others next week.

Posted by Jean Poutine


4 thoughts on “Food at the Fringe 1

  1. It sounds like a fun event. We have a similar one within walking distance of me at the end of this month. Like you, I’m not the biggest fan of that type…well types…of food, but it was still interesting.

    • Thanks, indie.tea. You have a lovely blog. In case it’s not clear from the post (and it probably isn’t), the Fringe is a theatre festival with food, though sometimes it seems to be a busking & street food festival with a side of theatre.

  2. Those pizzas are fantastic, aren’t they? I tried one over the weekend too (California veggie) and it was soooo good I had to blog about it too! 😉

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