Food at the Fringe 2

Tonight I met with May Contain Nuts guest blogger Truly Scrumptious to eat Fringe food and see a play that her son Nik is in.

We started at Zaika Indian Bistro Bar’s starkly minimalist black & white tent.

I asked if they could put together a custom combo plate for me and they graciously agreed.

For $10 I had chicken in a delicious mango curry sauce, three fish pakoras, rice and a large vegetable samosa with tamarind sauce. I liked it all – the flavours were excellent though I could have stood more heat. The fish in the pakoras (basa, I think) was flaky and moist, flavoured with cumin seed. The batter was light and crispy like tempura. I think I’m going to have to go back for a plate of these all by themselves. Perfect with a cold brew. On my 11 point scale, I rate this 8.2.

Truly had almost the same meal, sans pakoras, plus a mango lassi drink ($4).

Dessert was a no-brainer.

Churros from Churros King! Deep fried heaven.

Truly and I split an order of six pieces ($5). We had the choice of adding chocolate and/or caramel sauce for another dollar

but opted for the classic sprinkling of icing sugar. 9.6 out of 11. Good news: Volkhart says they plan on having a restaurant again – maybe by next summer.

Then we went to King Edward School where Nik’s play was being performed.

It was starting to rain by this time so we huddled under an overhang with a boisterous group of those ladies who wear red hats and dress in purple.

Nik came to chat with us a bit. You can see the family resemblance in the glassy gaze. The play Nik is in is called Hoboheme – a goofy depression era hobo musical that’s part Tom Waits, part Three Stooges and part social studies class. Reviews here, here, and here.

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4 thoughts on “Food at the Fringe 2

  1. I had dinner at the fringe on Monday. I got a small order of poutine for an appy, but they messed up my order and I got the extra large (no extra charge). Then I was too full for any other treat… ok that is not really true. I also have room for an elephant ear. I can’t resist those greasy dough frisbees. I have downloaded all the photos from our trip and I am cropping them this evening.

  2. I went back to the fringe tonight to try some different food but the only places that appealed to me were the three I already wrote about. I had the fish pakoras again and they were just as good – even better, actually, because when you have them by themselves they come with a wedge of lemon and a dixie cup of mint chutney. Food choices at the fringe are pretty dismal if you don’t want to eat deep fried. And if you want a salad? Fuggedaboutit.

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