Breakfast of Champions, Franco-German Style

Well Jean, as you know I have been vacationing in BC for the past three weeks. My first morning in Vancouver, my college roommate and I went out for breakfast. We stumbled upon La Brasserie. It’s a Franco-German restaurant. As far as I could see the menu combined butter and cured meat. It was like we stumbled into heaven. The menu was small, but there was an item that caught both our eyes: BREAKFAST POUTINE. It consisted of hand cut frites, porchetta, truffle oil, pork gravy and a poached egg.

To say it was rich is a major understatement. Eating this was a marathon, a delicious marathon. Yes, we both finished our plates. The server was so impressed we finished she exclaimed, “good for you girls.” We ate this meal at 11:00 am and I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day. As I chowed down I couldn’t help but think of my blogger buddy, Jean Poutine.

Posted by King Crabby


3 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions, Franco-German Style

  1. Wow, that actually sounds good. I’m of the opinion that topping anything with a poached (or fried) egg can only improve it. Now that you’re back, you can help me with my search for the best poutine in town. And I would never underestimate your ability to eat everything on your plate 🙂

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