Island Livin’

The best part about going to the Island each summer is the seafood. This year there was a fantastic sockeye run in the Alberni Inlet. So the Family and I went fishin’. That’s right, fishin’. When I get to the Island I have a tendency to drop the letter ‘g’ from ‘ing’. The fishin’ was so good we caught our limit in under 2 hours. Warning… dead fish in next photo.

My mom canned most of the fish, but we kept some for eatin’ that week. I made a salmon dinner with potatoes and green beans from my dad’s garden. I also sautéed some BC spot prawns my parents caught earlier in the year. It was so good I took a bite out of the salmon before I took the picture.

Boyfriend and I rented a cabin by Cedar where my family has vacationed for the past 37 years. I only missed one summer in the last 29 years. At the cabin I pass the time by fishin’ (for cod), readin’ (cookbooks), crabbin’, osyterin’, clammin’, and eatin’ (seafood). I took a lot of the seafood I had harvested plus some of my parent’s prawns and some local shrimp and made a chowder. I even made the seafood broth with the prawn shells.

When I wanted a snack I would feast on some red rock crab.

I always eat the crab on the beach. That way you can just throw the shells in the ocean when you are done with them. I also use a rock to crack the shells. Since I had some leftover shrimp from the chowder I made several shrimp sandwiches. This one was made of bread from a local bakery, greens and tomatoes from a local farmer, and a slice of brie.

I made another delicious shrimp sandwich, but I never had a chance to take a photo. It was pink shrimp with chives and finely chopped celery with a lemon mayo. If I can find shrimp of the same quality here I will make it for you. I wonder if I would eat seafood everyday if I moved back to the Island? Me thinks yes.

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3 thoughts on “Island Livin’

  1. OMG!!!! I have NEVER tasted pink spot shrimp and have read about it and heard about it – and never had crab on the beach…. and I love the ISLAND – but do not have family there – can yours adopt me? We will go there next year and I will be picking your brains for where to go – exactly – where to eat, how to get some fishin’, and crabbin’, and shrimpin’ into our schedule – may not be in your town – but you know the Island better’n us, for sure!

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