Table Scraps

• Spotted on 118th Avenue (at 88th Street):

Alexander’s Italian Bistro opening soon.

•Truly Scrumptious’ post about Fort Edmonton Park last week inspired my own visit on Sunday, accompanied by Betty Cracker and S. (who doesn’t have a clever punning blog name yet). There was no bannock to be had! Bummer. There was no outdoor cooking going on at all, though there was a costumed interpreter tending a fire outside a farm house on 1885 Street. She said that homesteaders observing the sabbath wouldn’t cook a meal on Sunday (being considered work), they would have a cold meal from food previously prepared. In answer to my next question, she didn’t know where the atheist part of town was.

These pumpkin blossoms looked good enough to eat (after being stuffed, battered and deep fried). The pumpkins have a lot of growing to do before Hallowe’en.

All the happy, free-ranging farm animals at the park – pigs, chickens, sheep, the handsome fellow above and below – made me ponder how lovely they’d be on a plate. Is that so wrong of me? Betty and S. seemed to be aghast at the suggestion.

Posted by Jean Poutine


2 thoughts on “Table Scraps

  1. Free range animals are the best. I would have thought the same thing, but considering you were dealing with a vegetarian I can see how she wouldn’t share our point of view. I already went to the fort this year with family, but there was no bannock or vegetable garden yet.

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