West Coast Excursion: Part I

Went on a whirlwind trip to the west coast recently. I slept in 5 beds in 10 days, but that’s another story.

A delightful start to the trip was a visit with Niece CS in Victoria. My niece is a foody, so we had a great time in restaurants and cooking together at home. I especially liked the Superior cafe, which she thought I would enjoy because of its artyness, botanicalness and good foodness. Here is the entry into the cafe and patio.

We looked inside first. The cafe hosts art exhibits and live music. The decor is very arty.

The tables have glass tops with nature dioramas within that are changed to new and wacky ones all the time. This one has bones and shells on sand and pebbles.

Even the washrooms are arty.

It was a gorgeous sunny day (I had to go to the west coast to get sun), so we sat outside on the patio. We got there in the middle of the afternoon so we had the place to ourselves.

It is  a beautiful rain-forest type patio, lush and cool. The artyness continues outside. There was a snake tree the day we were there, but on another day you might find shoes in the trees.

The tables outside are made of slate with fresh flowers in bowls in the centre of the tables. The staff write different random table names in chalk every day.

We sat at the Apple table and had yummy root chips and dip with a lovely glass of Zanatta Damasco. It is from a Cowichan Valley winery, King Crabby! The Week in Alcohol blog describes it as having a Bride-of-Frankenstein lineage. We thought it was a perfect summer outdoor wine.

It seemed only appropriate to order the Smoked Tuna & Apple salad. It also included crisp strips of kohlrabi, pea shoots and a creamy goddess dressing topped with black sesame seeds. It went perfectly with the Liberace flatbread (figs, prosciutto, goat cheese and caramelized onions). Both delicious.

We finished off lunch with a Ginger Cake topped with salted caramel sauce and caramel ice cream. The waiter, who is also one of their visual artists, suggested Tea for Sad People. She insisted that we didn’t look sad – she just thought it would go brilliantly with the Ginger Cake. And it did – it was a minty, floraly, something else – made by a friend of the cafe owner. The Ginger Cake was dense and warm and completely satisfying.

So if you’re in Victoria, make time for a visit to the Superior cafe. It lives up to its name.

A not-sad and well-fed Truly Scrumptious and Niece CS. Thanks Niece!

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5 thoughts on “West Coast Excursion: Part I

  1. Your island livin’ is fancy pants. I will have to go to that cafe next time I am there. Also there are so many wineries on the island. I think my parents should grow grapes on their property to support our drinking habits.

  2. We almost made it to Superior when we were on the Island, but sadly no tables 😦 Thanks for the post! I’m definitely going to make sure we get in next time! That Ginger Cake looks amazing.

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