RIP Motoraunt

When Sandra read in the paper that the Motoraunt was closing at the end of the month, she changed her birthday dinner plans from Padmanadi to the Motoraunt for old times sake.

The cognitive dissonance caused my brain to hurt, especially when she claimed that she doesn’t even like hamburgers.

Hamburgers are pretty much all that’s on the Motoraunt’s pared-down menu in these last few days of its current existence.

Neither Sandra nor I had been to this incarnation of the place, but we have fond memories of it when it used to be parked on Jasper Avenue, somewhere around 112th Street.

Sandra, Rob and I negotiated the labyrinthine entrance and went up the stairs to the top level of the double decked vehicle that forms the core of the restaurant.

This guy and his buddy were about to tuck into the signature Monster Burger, after immortalizing it with their camera phones first, of course. No, there’s no photoshop trickery going on here – it’s really that big.

We moved to a downstairs dining room where Christine & Claude and Jill & Carl were waiting for us at a larger table.

Rob hipped us to the possibility that the service would be slow; he was here a few weeks ago and waited over an hour for his food.

It’s always Christmas at the ‘raunt.

Eclectic doesn’t begin to describe the decor.

Good thing our group of former co-workers and their spouses had lots to talk about because we placed our order at about 7:30 and it didn’t arrive at our table until nearly 9 pm – without the two sides of gravy we ordered.

All conversation stopped as we fell on our (regular sized) food.

The burgers are really good – juicy, hand formed patties with tasty, fresh buns. Worth a 90 minute wait? Probably not.

Nonetheless, I’ll miss this unique place and its crazy quilt architecture.

Posted by Jean Poutine


4 thoughts on “RIP Motoraunt

  1. I think their business must be up. I have heard a bunch of people visiting the joint for old times sake. The monster burger looked good. You and I should have tried to eat one of the beasts.

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