Soup Season

First I must apologize, Jean. I haven’t been a very good co-blogger or friend this month. I’ve been too busy being Guider Crabby. However, things are returning to normal so I promise to visit soon and post more regularly.

September and October are my favourite times of year. I love the crispness in the air. I refer to this as “sweater weather”. When I go for a walk, wear a sweater and feel cozy it must be sweater weather. After walks in my sweaters (and yes I wear other clothes), I want nothing more than a warm bowl of soup. Sweater weather (September) blends nicely into Soup Season (October). Since I bought a smoked ham hock at the Big Bend Market in Red Deer, I knew I had to make pea soup. After I called my mom for what I thought was a family recipe, she sent me a recipe which she informed me was on the back of a bag of Safeway brand split peas.

I sauteed carrots, onions and celery in a pot. The steam indicates the soup will be extra tasty.

I removed the outside skin and layer of fat on the hock. As you can see my cutting board is stained with beet love from my pickled beet session earlier in the week. I placed the hock in the pot with the vegetables.

I added two cups of split peas and covered everything with water. I left it to simmer for 3 hours and when I returned to the pot  this is what I found.

No, not a hand holding a bone – the meat had fallen clean off the bone and I removed it from the pot. I then pureed the soup. The result….

A really gross looking soup! However, it tasted rich, smoky and satisfying. Next time I will cut up the ham instead of pureeing it. I froze most of it to be enjoyed throughout the coming months. As Friday marks the official beginning of soup season, be prepared for more soup posts.

Also, Boyfriend and I harvested all the potatoes from your garden on Sunday. Do you want any? They’re Red Pontiacs.

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5 thoughts on “Soup Season

  1. It is definitely soup season and there is nothing like a good homemade soup. I am a soup fanatic! Nine months of the year I have a stock brewing on the back of the stove every Sunday for the soup that week. Great post.

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