Dinner: d’Lish

This post is coming a bit late. We (Jean Poutine, King Crabby and our friend Mikey Likesit) had our first visit to the recently relaunched d’Lish Urban Kitchen and Wine Bar (10418-124th St.) more than three weeks ago and we’re only posting about it now. Getting three busy people to contribute to a collective blog post has proved to be like herding cats.

Here’s a word of advice to new food bloggers: Always take notes!! We didn’t and after three weeks it’s been difficult to remember exactly what everything was. That’s why our descriptions may be a little vague (such as the names of the wines) or possibly wrong. We humbly appologize for any incompleteness or errors.

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The menu was still being ironed out in this initial soft-opening phase. It may have changed since we were there.

We all decided to have some “Faith” (45 minutes of whatever the chef wanted to send to our table) along with 3 appropriate wine pairings.

Our server, Kasha, was very friendly and knowledgeable. She must have walked several miles bringing us our wine and food. Every few minutes there was a new wine glass or little plate being put on our table.

The contributors are King Crabby (KC), Jean Poutine (JP) and Mikey Likesit (ML)

KC started with a vanilla whiskey and fresh basil martini (the basil was grown right in the dining room)

KC: I liked it, but I wouldn’t order it again. There was too much vanilla flavour.
JP: The vanilla and basil together made it smell like root beer. It tasted mostly of basil. I’d order one of these.
ML: Crabby seemed to enjoy this drink initially, but not so much towards the end.  I tried it, but wasn’t a big fan.

Spanish white wine

KC: I really liked this and I usually don’t care much for white wines.
JP: Nice.
ML: The wine pairings were pretty good.

Squash puree topped with pickled beets

KC: I liked the taste of the amuse-bouche (oui, je parle français), but it was really awkward to eat it off this spoon.
JP: I liked the squash paste – nice and nutty. Not enough.
ML: Who knew squash and beets could be so good! My childhood self is appalled at my adult self!

Chevre with roasted beets

KC: This was tasty, but I think I would have loved it if I hadn’t been eating beets for dinner every night for the last month. Damn you, beet thief, for not returning this year, leaving me with copious amounts of beets.
JP: The cheese was very tangy and the beet was earthy. A nice combo. Not enough.
ML: Very fresh!  I liked the combination of flavours.  (Can’t remember what the whipped white stuff was, but it worked well with the beets).

Scallop with chipotle tomato sauce and baby greens

KC: Anything with scallops is okay with me, but I would’ve preferred them without the sauce or greens.
JP: I didn’t like the tomato sauce. My least favourite plate. Are those purple flower petals on top? I don’t remember them.
MLI: It was very good, but small.

Salmon cubes topped with black sesame seeds and orange slices marinated in some kind of booze

KC: I felt the citrus with the salmon made this taste really fresh.
JP: The best part was the boozy orange – yowza!
MLI: Great presentation! A tasty nibbly.

Bread salad with turkey sausage gravy and apple (?) compote

KC: By far the best thing we ate that night. It was warm and tasted like good old down home cookin’.
JP: Probably my favourite plate. It was like a mini taste of Thanksgiving turkey and sage stuffing. Give me a whole plate of this please. The chutney (or whatever it is) was unmemorable.
ML: Interesting. Never had bread salad before. Very tasty!

California (?) Pinot Noir

KC: The red was a bit light for my liking, but paired nicely with the food.
JP: Really liked it.
ML: Another great wine.

Deconstructed Margherita (proscuitto, tomato, cheese, herbs, balsalmic reduction)

KC: Server: This is a deconstructed margarita. Us: Silence. Me: Oh, Margherita pizza. JP and ML: Ohhhh!
JP: This would be a nice hors d’oeuvre for a cocktail party.
MLI: Ah, there’s the deconstructed pizza! Mmmm.

Pork rillette (?) with caramelized onion on cracker with wine gelée

KC: This was good, but not very memorable. I had forgotten it was part of the meal until I saw this photo.
JP: Everything on this plate was delicious. More please.
ML: I remember this – I quite liked this mini-main.

Australian ice wine

KC: This was the best drink of the night. It was so smooth I could’ve had a bottle to myself.
JP: I loved this and I don’t even like ice wine.
MLI: Ah, the dessert wine! Very sweet. But good.

Orange blossom dark chocolate truffle with something jellyish, like a wine gum or Turkish delight

KC: What, it’s dessert already? But I’m still hungry. I felt this should’ve been the last thing served because it was such a rich dessert.
JP: The truffle was dense and rich. I didn’t taste orange blossom (does it taste like oranges?)
ML: Quite rich. And the gooey sugary red thing.

Meringues with cherry coulis (?) and vanilla cream

KC: The meringues were more of a cross between a meringue and a sponge cake. Whatever they were, they were delicious.
JP: The sauce was out of this world! Neither sweet nor tart. I wanted to lick the plate clean.
ML: Desserts were quite tasty.

Macarons with chocolate filling

KC: These macarons were over cooked. They were dry and crunchy instead of moist and chewy. I could have done with more meringues. I could have done with more in general.
JP: Dry and crunchy like an amaretto cookie. Not nearly as good as the macarons at Duchess.
ML: Very nice. Hmm, why do I always remember the desserts?

Everything was tasty and interesting in various degrees, but this was certainly not a filling meal. Still feeling peckish when we left, we stopped at the grocery store en route to Crabby’s to pick up a post-prandial snack.

Posted by King Crabby, Jean Poutine and Mikey Likesit. Photos by Jean Poutine.


5 thoughts on “Dinner: d’Lish

  1. Looks like really small portions with no main… and some odd flavour combinations… but, I must admit, I do want to go. Have to read again as I missed the price – or it will depend upon the price!

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