I Love Nieces to Pieces

Hey Crabby, it was great having you over the other night.

You know how crazy busy I’ve been with my nieces visiting from far-flung cities and my mom in the hospital with a broken arm. Things are starting to get back to some kind of normal and I’m trying to catch up on my blogging.

My niece V, from Montreal, was in town for a week (not nearly long enough). She brought me a nice, fatty smoked brisket from Schwartz’s. We ate half of it in sandwiches and I have the other half in my freezer.

Here she is with Kekumazooo (on the left) from Belua Designs at the Strathcona market. It was her birthday present from me.

Sisters: K (left) and V

Last Tuesday we all went to Boualouang Laos & Thai restaurant for V’s farewell dinner. I took K there the last time she was in town and she wanted to go back.

A complimentary amuse bouche. It looks a little anemic but WOW! the flavours were great – spicy and intense. From what I remember, it was a scallop and shredded green mango with peanut on a crispy (shrimp?) cracker.

A big bowl of Tom-Yum soup, full of shrimps and mushrooms.

Smoky Thai iced tea to quench the fire. I adore the stuff.

Yaw-Tawt-Goong with Avocado – deep fried spring roll with shrimp, avocado and sweet mayonnaise. A lovely contrast between crisp and creamy.

Spicy Phanaeng curry with beef – probably my favourite dish of the evening. I would have been happy just eating the rich gravy from this dish over coconut rice.

Pad-Kee-Mouw (Drunken Noodles – no idea why they’re called that).

Pad-Ka-Pow with mussels. It had straw mushrooms, long green beans, hot basil and red chilies. Looked to me like there were two kinds of mussels in this dish, including the large New Zealand ones with green-tinged shells. I thought they were huge but K says they’re even bigger in New Zealand (she gets to eat them fresh, not frozen like we get them here).

Nice face

The girls helped their baba celebrate her birthday with tiramisu cake. Fall is birthday season in the Poutine family (mine’s just over a month away [cough]). K’s was last Monday. Here’s her present from me:

I took her to Duchess Bakery for all the pastry she could eat. Luckily she’s small.

This is her mom (my sister), looking like she’s already on a sugar high – but she hasn’t had a bite yet.

We started with cake.

A mini Duchess

A mini Duke (cut in three for sharing)

and a lemon custard tart. All so good, but my favourite was the Duke – dark, chocolately and rich. Also loved the lemon tart. The Duchess not so much (I love marzipan but there’s something about fondant-covered cakes that just puts me off).

We also got a plate of macarons. K was too full from cake to eat hers so she took them home for later.

Well, it’s a start. More to come.

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7 thoughts on “I Love Nieces to Pieces

  1. mmmm….. food. Now that I have survived the plague I will start blogging again. I know your birthday is next month, but ahem… I am trying to remember where you took me for my birthday? I would take you for thai as those dishes looked so delicious. You can tell K. that I will take her leftovers next time and your mom looks in good spirits!

  2. If I should buy jelly beans, have to eat them all in just one sitting. Everything it seems I like’s a little bit sweeter, a little bit fatter, a little bit harmful for me. Rufus is coming to Saskatoon (Nov. 30th)…perhaps you should follow him here? Belated B-day in SK’toon? I’ll buy you jelly beans. Let us know.

  3. I have never tried the Duke cake at the Duchess Bakery (the lemon is awesome!) but will now have to experience its chocolately goodness.

  4. Remember, jelly beans equal belly jeans.
    You had me at coconut rice and Thai basil. And dark chocolate. And lemon custard.
    Hey, King Crabby – we’d better start planning a foodie party for The Big Poutine pretty darn quick. (We are very good at taking hints – especially broad ones).

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