Let’s Play A Game

It’s called “What do I do with this?”

Before my niece K departed for her New Zealand home, she bequeathed me a box of assorted foodstuffs she and her vegetarian boyfriend left at my sister’s house when they were here for an extended visit last year. I know what most of the stuff is but I could use suggestions for what to do with it.

1. Tapioca

I’ve always liked tapioca, but why is it pink and green?

2. Black sesame seeds

3. Seaweed. Don’t know what kind.

4. Dessicated coconut. Fresh coconut = yum. Dessicated coconut = yuck.

5. Wheat germ. I already know what to do with it: toss it! I hate the taste of wheat germ at the best of times, but this one is at least a year old so it’ll be rancid. Double yuck.

6. Nata de coco (coconut gel)

7. Red (azuki) beans

8. Gulab jamun mix

9. Instant soup (miso, I think). No English instructions.

10. Mango custard. Obviously I’d make this according to the instructions on the package, but reading the ingredients I don’t think I want to: cornstarch, artificial mango flavor, amorphous silicon dioxide, tartrazine  yellow, allura red.

Posted by Jean Poutine


3 thoughts on “Let’s Play A Game

    • No Truly, I think he truly liked the food. However, due to some persnickety regulations & such stuff, I don’t think he was allowed to take such foodstuffs into New Zealand…either that or his suitcases were already stuffed to overflowing with other stuff!

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