I work in an area of town I fondly refer to as The Industrial Wasteland. There are hardly any restaurants or stores I want to visit, but on the bright side, I probably save a lot more money than if I worked downtown. So I was very excited when a co-worker informed me of a guy who was serving up authentic bbq in a street meat cart mere blocks from my office called Bubba’s. The only problem was it was so cold in the first few weeks of September that we were too wimpy to walk the few blocks to stand in line.

Then a terrible thing happened. The Edmonton Journal did a feature article on Bubba’s and the next day when we went by there were at least 45 people in line. For weeks afterwards I would drive by on my lunch hour and on my way to meetings but there was always a large line. That is, until today. There were only 2 people in line and I jumped on the chance to get a taste of the elusive bbq. Today was pulled pork sandwiches with baked beans and corn.

I’m not sure if he steams the buns or if they become steamed from sitting in the carton, but they were so soft. The meat had a delicious smokey flavour and just enough barbecue sauce that it wasn’t dry. The corn was frozen, but even bad corn is good corn in my books. Then there were the baked beans. I’m going to go on record and say I hate baked beans. This is where you try to convince me they are so delicious and if I only tried blah blah’s beans I would like them. Well I have tried everyone’s beans because they are an institution at Alberta potlucks and I can say with my whole heart I don’t like theirs or Bubba’s.

That being said, I’ve heard the sides change so here’s hoping I get a different side next time. Bubba’s has a set menu and I hear brisket is on Thursday and ribs are on Friday. I think we should go on one of those days. The meal cost me $11 and I was stuffed all day. I will be having sweet bbq dreams tonight.

Posted by King Crabby


3 thoughts on “Bubba’s

    • I have a feeling as soon as it gets colder the lines will drop. It is the best pulled pork/bbq I have had in the city. When I lived in Vancouver I loved going to the Memphis Blues http://www.memphisbluesbbq.com/

      I have a feeling I will be eating a lot of bbq as long as I work on the south side.

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