Date Night: Rummage and Bauernschmaus

Thrifting and eating, two of my favorite activities, were made all the more pleasurable on Friday by being in the company of my favorite perma-date (that’s you, King Crabby).

The Anglican church in our neighborhood had their semi-annual rummage sale. We lined up about 40 minutes before the doors opened. This sale is very popular and I’ve never been this close to the front of the line before. We were even in front of Book Guy who shows up at every church basement sale and buys books by the boxful.

I don’t have any pictures from inside, because I was, you know, too busy trying to find treasure. I totally got elbowed out of the record section by some old dudes. Old folks at rummages sales are really pushy, don’t you find? I guess I’m just not cutthroat enough for church basement bargain action.

All I bought was some baking – a half dozen pumpkin bran muffins for 3 bucks, and a pie plate full of jack-o-lantern cookies, also 3 bucks.

Here you are in my kitchen with your purchases: A nice, newish looking suitcase with wheels and everything for 4 bucks! It came in handy for carting home all the cookbooks and magazines you bought. I know you paid a quarter each for the magazines – how much were the books?

Betty Crocker’s New Good and Easy Cook Book, first published in 1962. Apparently in the 60s people needed to consult cookbooks to prepare packaged breakfast cereal.

For supper we went to the Bauernschmaus Restaurant (6796-99th Street), a German/Austrian restaurant that’s been around for as long as I can remember (though this is the first time I’ve been).

I don’t know if you’re aware that our Old Strathcona neighbourhood used to used to be the German part of town back in the day. I think there was a lot of German immigration after WWII (or did it happen earlier? I’m no historian). There used to be lots of German stores at one time – bakeries, butchers, restaurants and so on. Studio 82 cinema on Whyte Ave. used to show German movies weekly. The K & K Foodliner is an enduring remnant of this period (as is my German-born neighbour across the street who’s lived in the same house for more than 50 years).

Anyway, on to the meal.

I started with a large Leberknödelsuppe (beef liver dumpling soup). The substantial liver dumplings were meaty and delicious and the broth was mild and pleasant but not particularly flavorful.

My Bauernschmaus Farmer’s Feast plate was a pork lover’s delight – it came with a slice of smoked pork loin, a slice of roast pork loin and a (brautwurst?) sausage. I’ve been trying to eat more sauerkraut since I learned of its amazing health benefits, but this night I opted for rotkohl (red cabbage) instead. Dinners come with a salad and choice of starch: buttered potatoes, a dumpling, Viennese pasta or French fries. I had the Viennese pasta (sort of like German spätzle) which was light and buttery.

Your Wiener schnitzel and dumpling. The schnitzel had nicely seasoned breading and wasn’t at all greasy. The dumpling was made from bread rather than dough, which I’ve never seen before. It was very good – like a savory bread pudding.

Desserts are all made on the premises. I loved my Sacher torte. It was dense and moist and very chocolaty. I think it deviated from the traditional apricot filling with raspberry or strawberry jam under the chocolate icing.

I believe you were equally satisfied with your pumpkin cheesecake,

and the extra helping of whipped cream our server brought.

The service was old-worldly slow (especially the long wait between getting our menus and having our order taken), so it was a good thing we were in the best of possible company. Thanks for the lovely evening.

Posted by Jean Poutine


4 thoughts on “Date Night: Rummage and Bauernschmaus

  1. No thank you for the lovely evening. The last photo makes it look bright in the restaurant, but I remember it being very dark. I agree that the service was slow, but I was in no hurry and generally enjoy lingering in restaurants with good friends so I didn’t mind. You forgot to mention the booze. A glass of house wine was only $5! And it tasted good. I would totally go back again.

  2. Also I found the people in the book section of the rummage sale pushy and I really wanted to buy a pie, but there were none.

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