Ellerslie Gift & Garden Bistro

I have always liked the Ellerslie Greenhouse for specialty plants for my garden, but they also have beautiful gifts when I am looking for something special. They also have a Coffee and Bistro Bar. I don’t know if I just thought they only served coffee and pastries, or whether they added a lunch menu recently, or if I just never noticed before, but I slipped over there on a lunch hour last week to buy a gift for a friend’s birthday, and I saw their lunch menu board. I ordered the Cassoulet which was on the soup menu, but it was so thick that it was really more of a stew.

Sorry about the poor picture quality – I didn’t have my camera with me so I snapped these photos with my cell phone. I also had a V8 and the woman at the Bistro put it into a glass for me so it would look nicer.  Here is their description of the Cassoulet:

Cassoulet – If you have travelled in southern France, you’ve seen this offering on the menu.  Our take on this centuries old recipe combines pork meatballs, roast chicken, roast breast of duck, and a bit of dried sausage in a rich tomato broth with navy and kidney beans.  This soup is so filling, you won’t be wanting a sandwich on the side. Wheat but no dairy.

It was such a nice surprise – absolutely delicious. I asked the woman at the Bistro what the spices were.  She said bay leaf, thyme and cloves. It was the cloves that I was tasting that gave it such as warm rich flavour. It had a bit of heat too so I think there may have been some cayenne. I lucked out with the Cassoulet because she said they only have it on the menu about once a month.

The Cassoulet was served with a crisp that was made from bread crumbs and parmesan that she toasted on the Panini press. The crisp is crisper than it looks in this photo. But the mosaic table top is in good focus!

The handful of Bistro tables are tucked away in a corner of the gift shop, surrounded by plants and beautiful things. They have garden magazines on the tables that you can browse through while you eat.

In the winter, I like to visit there and go into their tropical greenhouse to breathe in the air and remind myself that there is life after winter.

If my lunch that day is any indication of the other items on their menu, I really want to go back and sample some more. You can find it as you are heading south out of town. Take Ellerslie Road to your right in that tangle of new overpasses.

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One thought on “Ellerslie Gift & Garden Bistro

  1. Cassoulet on a soup menu? That’s a bit odd, but I too love Ellerslie for their gifts and gardens. I always buy at least a couple Christmas gifts from there. Next time I will have to stop and have a bite to eat.

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