Table Scraps – Nov. 18

• I can’t speak for my co-bloggers, but I’ve been very busy of late with limited internet access – that’s why I haven’t been posting.

• Yesterday King Crabby, Truly Scrumptious and I met for lunch at Won Jung Gak, an out-of-the way Korean restaurant that’s been mentioned a few times lately in the Journal. If Crabby was writing this post, she’d want you all to know that she knew about this place long before it became a media darling, because a former co-worker who lived in Korea raved about it to her. Whatever.

It was cold (and very bright) sitting next to the window, but the food warmed us up.

Crabby cuts the homemade noodles with scissors. The dish is called Ja Jang Myun (noodles with black bean sauce). Is it just me, or does Crabby look like Jamie Oliver in this picture?

Separated at birth?

Don’t remember what this is called – some sort of chow mein dish – but it was more delicious than it looks.


I was disappointed that nothing we ordered packed any of the heat Korean food is noted for (I should have paid more attention to the menu). I’m up for a return visit after I’ve studied the reviews.

• Rodeo Burger has added a new signature burger to their lineup:

The Aussie comes topped with pickled beets and a fried egg, the way they eat ’em in Oz.


Posted by Jean Poutine


2 thoughts on “Table Scraps – Nov. 18

  1. It’s true I would’ve mentioned that I knew about it before the Journal, but whatever. I wonder if TS is going to have a crush on me now since she LOVES Jamie. On Jamie I watched his American Road Trip… in which I saw him get off a plane… and I didn’t care for it. I would go back to the restaurant, but I would get the deep fried dish everyone else was getting.

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