Da-De-O: Lust for Oysters

Watching Lynn Crawford at a Maryland oyster farm on Pitchin’ In the other night made me crave oysters something crazy, so tonight I called King Crabby and invited her to join me at Da-De-O (10548 Whyte Avenue).

I adore oysters prepared just about any way (except baked – yuck), but especially raw or fried.

I began with half a dozen Oysters Greta Garbo ($13). It combines four foods I love on a half shell: raw oysters, smoked salmon, capers and sour cream (the alarming pink tinge in all these pictures was cast by a neon sign we were sitting near).

I followed with an oyster po’ boy – two huge, juicy fried oysters on a French loaf, accompanied by potato hash and coleslaw (normally $11 but on Mondays and Tuesdays all po’ boys are $8). I was completely satisfied (and stuffed) by my meal.

Crabby was less happy with her Philly cheese steak po’ boy – the steak was sliced too thick for her liking. Shoulda had the oysters!

Posted by Jean Poutine


3 thoughts on “Da-De-O: Lust for Oysters

  1. Omg! I absolutely love raw oysters! I usually just have mine with tobasco sauce so the ones you ordered sounds heavenly. The oyster po’ boy sounds great too. I need to try this place. Thanks for sharing! 😀

  2. I love me some oysters! I like the vodka shot version they have . As well, who doesn’t love the jalapeño jelly and biscuits! Yum!!! I usually order the pulled pork,or blackened chicken when I’m in as I haven’t had the fried oyster version in years

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