I’m baaaaaacccccck!

So Jean I bet you thought I had quit on you? Well I’m back and I have a bunch of posts I am going to be writing in the next week or so. So I am not only back, but back with a vengeance. This first post will just be a teaser of the mediocre writing and sub-par photography you will have to look forward to all week. Consider it an early Christmas present.

The easiest most delicious thing I know how to make is mussels steamed in a white wine sauce. First I chop onions, shallots and garlic and saute them in butter and olive oil. When they are translucent I add a bunch of mussels and 1/2 cup white wine. I put a lid on pot, walk away for a few minutes and when I return….

… delicious mussels! Slice some crusty white bread for dipping in the wine sauce and you have one awesome appy!

Posted by King Crabby


4 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaacccccck!

  1. I love mussels! One of my favourite foods and so easy to make. I make a meal of them, not just an appetizer. I do them the same way, with lots and lots of garlic, ‘cept I also saute some diced carrots and celery too, and sprinkle it with chopped parsley at the end. Those onions look a bit big – sliced rather than chopped. Thanks for the early xmas present!

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