Second Hand Italian

One of the cookbooks I picked up at the Anglican Church Rummage Sale in the fall was an Italian Cookbook from the Australian Women’s Weekly Collection.

Since it was a softcover magazine type book they only charged me 25 cents. You might have thought I would’ve been super happy with a steal like that, but it felt a little bit like I was stealing from church. I almost felt like leaving a twoonie somewhere in the church… almost. So I decided to make an Italian meal a few weeks ago. I chose to make veal parmesan. I didn’t have any veal so I used pork. I pounded the meat and dipped it in a egg wash. I lightly fried the meat and it smelled so good.

Then I smothered the fried meat in homemade tomato sauce and cheese. Mmmm…. fried…. cheese… and no I didn’t put bacon on top, but I thought about it.

I then baked it to golden perfection.

I served it over fresh pasta from the market and topped it with fresh basil.

It was really good, except the sauce was a bit sweet. The recipe called for sugar and next time I would half the amount I put in. The recipe took a long time to make so I made an appetizer. I decided to make calamari because I had some squid tubes in the freezer. Do you know that squid is really cheap? It costs about a dollar a tube at Billingsgate.

I remember watching Nigella’s show one Saturday and she had a quick and easy calamari recipe. On tv it looked beautiful and crunchy. I found the recipe online and everything seemed to be working.

However, when I pulled the squid from the fryer, most of the batter had fallen off. Do you know why this might have happened? I served it anyways with a lemon, garlic and basil dipping sauce. I’m never one to let seafood go to waste.

It tasted good, but it was missing that crunchy outside. Next time I won’t use her recipe, but I will make pork parmesan again.

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2 thoughts on “Second Hand Italian

  1. I also use pork in place of veal for things like schnitzel. Calamari: two words – Crazy Glue. But in all seriousness… maybe the calamari weren’t dry enough when you breaded them?

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