Christmas Booty

It’s a good thing Christmas only comes once a year because I don’t think my stomach could handle any more. Over the break we ate: lamb, prime rib, turkey, ham, chinese food, big breakfasts and my weight in treats. One of the nice things about Christmas is I generally get cookbooks and utensils for presents. I thought you might want to see what I got.

For cookbooks I got:

Recommended by you and I have to say I LOVE this book. Not only does it tell you how to cook everything, but what to look for when buying items and how to store them.

This one was from my best friend. It is based on Ocean Wise, a program from Vancouver that educates people on eating sustainable seafood.

My new favourite super food. Quinoa is so easy to cook and so versitile.

My sister got me this book. It is also a BC book and I haven’t tried any of the recipes, but they all look delicious.

I wanted this book for Christmas, but no one got it for me. Then we saw it at Winners the other day for half price. I took this as a sign that God wanted me to have it and bought it for myself. The photographs are amazing.

That’s all for the cookbooks. Now on to the cookware.

I always complain about how cookie cutters bend too easily and how they aren’t made like they used to be. My sister bought me these industrial strength cutters at Lee Valley. Guess I will have to find something else to complain about.

I also really want to bake more bread this year, so I asked for a digital kitchen scale. I hope between that and the mixer I got for my birthday I will be able to make awesome bread.

The gift I liked best were the bread pans from my mom. They are they ones she has had for years (more like decades) and they are seasoned to perfection. If I can’t make awesome bread in these I will have to hang my head in shame.

Besides the loaf pans this was my favourite gift. I have been asking for this for the past 5 years and I finally got one. I am going to braise short ribs in it tonight. Can’t wait.


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Booty

  1. Nice booty!

    Yes, I love my Bittman (not really mine but a copy I gave my mom many Christmases ago and have been using a lot at her house lately). I have to say that I found his instructions for making a lattice pie crust a disappointment – a bit vague and the diagram is as complicated as a map of the L.A. freeway (I made a raisin pie on friday – I remembered how to weave the lattice).

    I got a food book for Christmas too: this one. I say food book rather than cookbook because, even though it has recipes, it’s more of an arty coffee table book. I agree with with this user comment:
    “…the culinary equivalent of one of those books you find in a museum gift shop – impressive, beautiful, inspiring… but not likely to get opened much after its first reading.”

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