A Leisurely Lunch

Since I have transitioned to a new and more relaxed lifestyle, I have decided to do a little nutritional research and cook up some healthy and hopefully tasty recipes. I will post them as the muse strikes.

One of my favorite cook books is Lee Bailey’s Soup Meals. He has menus for different seasons and recipes for each menu. It was published in 1989 and I picked it up second-hand about 10 years ago.

Since I have been reading about how super healthy spinach and its relatives are, and I had never made his Spinach Soup recipe, I figured I’d give it a try. Apparently leafy greens have more nutrients than almost any food on the planet, including the somewhat obscure Vitamin K and the highly functional family of flavonoids (antioxidant and anticancer properties).

I also had some beet greens on hand so I substituted those for about half of the spinach. I sautéed the stems from the beet greens and spinach along with the onions. Why waste perfectly good food?  The  instruction to puree gave me an excuse to use my new Vitamix too, which I love and use daily.

I was a little worried about how the colour of the spinach soup might turn out, but it was actually a pleasantly mossy green, and pretty much any colour of green is welcome at this time of year in Edmonton. It is delicious – velvety and rich – and the nutmeg added an interesting note. I squeezed the lemon slice into the soup which added a nice zing to the flavour. I’ll be adding this soup to my favorite recipes.

Lee’s menu for Spinach Soup included Cayenne Wafers, which sounded delicious, and I had been reading about the health giving qualities of turmeric, which are boosted by pepper, so I added 1/4 tsp of turmeric to the recipe. (Turmeric has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, is good for digestive disorders, and a whole whack of other good stuff. My fondness for Indian food has been  justified). I think I’ll try whole wheat or oat flour next time.  And there will be a next time – they were yummy – crisp and warm from the oven.

I made 24 wafers from the recipe – I think 32 would make for  too small a wafer.

I ate the lunch on one of my favorite dish patterns – “Ridgway Homemaker” – a funky 1950s design. Both I and The Man With Whom I Keep Company have found different pieces for this pattern  at second-hand stores, and we continue to look for more.

I had a lovely lunch sitting at the kitchen table in the sunshine in the middle of the week – ahhhhh.

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One thought on “A Leisurely Lunch

  1. Sigh… so jealous. I have to admit the sound of spinach soup sounds a bit gross to me, but now that you have sung its praises I will have to try it. Those cayenne wafers look and sound wonderful. You must do a feature on the vitamix. I am dying to see all its mysterious powers.

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