Jiggs Dinner

The Man With Whom I Keep Company and I had just settled into the house that we are renting in Harbour Main, Newfoundland for the month of September (more on the house and especially its kitchen in future posts) when one of our neighbors dropped by to invite us over for a Jiggs Dinner the next day. That is very typical of friendly outport Newfoundlanders. They are a very warm and hospitable people. Our niece and nephew-in-law were visiting with us from Alberta at the time and had never had a Jiggs Dinner, so we jumped at the chance.

Here are our hosts, Rose and Hugh, hard at work. That’s a big bag of local turnip greens on the counter. Those bags are ubiquitous in Newfoundland this time of year.

A Jiggs Dinner is a traditional Newfoundland meal served mid-day on Sundays. Its main focus is salt beef, which has a taste similar to both corned beef and ham. A turkey is also often roasted to go with the meal, because you might not have enough food, you know.  Turkey seems to be the second most popular food on the Island after cod.

Salt beef and cabbage, and roasted turkey.

After soaking the salt beef to remove some of the salt, it is boiled with cabbage and root vegetables such as potatoes, turnips and carrots. Sometimes a pease pudding is cooked in a cloth bag in the broth. Turnip greens are added in the last few minutes before serving. A Jiggs Dinner is made with local meats and local produce that can be bought at road side stands this time of year and at pretty much all local grocery stores, including the big supermarkets.

Turnip greens, potatoes and turnips.

A Jiggs Dinner is a very hearty and delicious comfort meal, and one of my favorite Newfoundland dinners.

After dinner, we went up to the top floor deck at Hugh and Rose’s house for a beautiful view of Conception Bay. A lovely day all around.

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