Minor Miracle – One Pot Bread

Since I retired, I have been wanting to bake bread, but my first experience years ago was so discouraging that I hadn’t worked up the courage to give it another go. (I had attempted a loaf of bread and some buns but what I produced was a door stop and some paper weights). All of that punching and kneading doesn’t appeal either, and yet the smell of bread baking in the oven appeals greatly. So I decided to do some research on the good old internet and I came across a no-knead one-pot bread by none other than a man who I greatly trust – Jacques Pepin. (The recipe comes after the Cheesy Breadsticks on the YouTube video).

The house that The Man With Whom I Keep Company and I are staying at in Harbour Main Newfoundland has a beautiful cast iron pot that I used. The bread is mixed, proofed and baked in the same pot. Easy clean-up! No kneading – just a bit of stirring after the first rise. Easy method! I used whole wheat flour for 1/3 of the flour in the recipe. I get the first part done in the evening and then bake the bread when I get up the next morning. Here is the bread after it has risen the second time in the fridge for 12 hours.

And here it is after baking at 425 degrees for 40 minutes.

After it cools, just loosen it around the edges with a knife and out it pops.

It makes a nice moist loaf with a good crunchy crust.

And here it is toasted with some home-made blueberry jam (watch for the blueberry jam post coming soon!)

A true  minor miracle. Thanks Jacques!

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2 thoughts on “Minor Miracle – One Pot Bread

  1. I saw Michael Smith make a no-knead bread on his show once that I flagged as something I’d like to try. I can’t remember now, but it seems to me it might have been yeastless too. Apparently time (but not thyme) is the leavening agent.

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