Newfoundland home away from home

The Man With Whom I Keep Company and I have been staying in a beautiful heritage vacation house, Terry’s Bayside Getaway, in Harbour Main, Newfoundland for the month of September. The house was built in 1927 and is attached to what was the family’s store (on the right in the photo) which is now closed.

The kitchen here is huge. Especially compared to our cute little kitchen back in Edmonton. This photo shows the main part of the kitchen with a view of the pantry (door on the left) and a separate room with the sink, dishwasher &  prep space (door on the right). 

Here is a view of the sink/prep area. The counter goes farther to the right. Those are some rose hips that I am drying on the counter.

And here is a view of the cooking area. We’ve been getting our exercise walking back and forth between the kitchen areas. At home we can be sitting at the kitchen table and we can pretty much reach the oven, fridge and kitchen drawers without even having to get up. Advantages can be found in every situation.

Upcoming posts will show what we have produced in this kitchen!

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2 thoughts on “Newfoundland home away from home

  1. You don’t need to be jealous for too much longer. We will soon be leaving our beautiful spacious temporary kitchen to return to our cute little permanent kitchen. And you will have an exciting opportunity to choose a house with a dream kitchen to replace your nightmare. If west coast real estate prices threaten to squash your dream, Husband will simply have to get a second job. Dreams are important.

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