The Real Black Gold

In Alberta when they refer to “Black Gold” they are referring to oil, but here in BC this is what I call “Black Gold,”

Blackberries! And they grow free everywhere. They are my favourite invasive weed. These are in my sister’s backyard. I stopped by to drop some things off at her house the other day and she wasn’t home. I decided to wait in the backyard and within minutes I started picking the berries.

Within a few more minutes I had picked an entire container.

These would’ve cost me a fortune in Alberta. Husband was also there, but he only picked enough to fill his belly. The only downside to blackberry picking is…


the black, sticky hand. A small price to pay for my favourite berries. On another note you may remember my interest in mushroom picking. This last weekend I was too zonked after the wedding to go with my parents, but they managed to pick 10 pounds of chanterelles in 20 minutes at our secret mushroom spot. Here is a sample of one:

The rest is already in my belly.

Posted by King Crabby